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The Brabson Library and Education Foundation is a philanthropic family foundation that honors the grantors and reflects the family’s passion for bold, innovative ideas that may have a significant and long-term impact especially in education and the arts.


The Brabson Library and Educational Foundation is a Florida Corporation established July 18th, 1990. For almost thirty years this foundation has served the community true to the spirit of George Dana Brabson; the founder.

There are five points that comprise the purpose of this family foundation: charitable, literary, educational, scientific, and finally to own, maintain, and operate a reference library.

The official title of this corporation is the Brabson Library and Educational Foundation, Inc. However, family and board members fondly refer to the foundation as the Brabson Library and Education Foundation or even more simply the "BLEF".

The foundation's board meets annually, during which time the board reviews all applications for grants and decides with a majority vote which projects will receive funding.


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